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Transformative Learning At Adobe Max: Empower Your Classroom

Adobe firmly believes that the main expression of creation is learning. That is why, at Adobe Max, it is believed that every student must have the opportunity to develop the essentials of creativity. Not only that, but they also believe that every student must acquire the right kind of digital literacy skills. Digital literacy skills can help students learn a lot and can also open many doors for them. Once the students are well-versed in the creative skills with Adobe tools, they can indeed prepare themselves for the digital now and the digital future.

How Can Adobe Max Help?

Adobe MAX is the world’s most creative community, offering captivating keynotes, skill-building sessions, and exciting sneaks. It provides students and teachers with the opportunity to absorb real-world lessons and be inspired by experts in creativity and education. This event offers a great platform to connect with leading educators and experts working across various disciplines in formal education, researchers, school and university leaders, and students. Educators can learn how products like Adobe Express help instill a creative mindset across the curriculum, professional development, and technology integration. Moreover, it equips the next generation with essential skills to thrive in a digitally-led world.

Who Should Be Concerned?

If you are wondering to whom the education track applies, then here’s a list:

  1. Anyone who leads a creative curriculum.
  2. Anyone who wants to teach creative and digital literacy skills while they are in the classroom.
  3. Anyone who is ready to kick-start their career.

The 5 Must-See Sessions at Adobe MAX 2022:

Tech and Creativity

If you closely observe, you’ll find out that most sought-after jobs these days require creative skills. However, these are skills that anyone can learn. This 30-minute session at Adobe MAX will provide insights into various exciting job opportunities existing in modern India. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from a product marketing manager, a product/UX designer, and a production intern, who will share their career paths and what inspired them to start in the first place. From them, you can gain valuable tips and tricks on how to sow the seed for your own career, including what steps you can take now and how to prepare for your dream job of the future.

Readability and Accessibility Of Adobe Max

It is a well-known fact that everyone out there has a different set of eyes and a different brain. This means that people also have different perspectives. Likewise, designers with Adobe Max have the ability to tailor their experiences to accommodate these differences. The designer’s world is more complicated than those who are always surrounded by chaos in their workplace. In the 30-minute session about readability and accessibility at Adobe Max, you’ll learn a lot.

It will start with the latest findings from their Readability Research team, focusing on how personalized reading settings for individuals improve reading outcomes. Additionally, dyslexic readers will soon have new tools in Acrobat and Reader. There are also features for color-blind audiences, allowing you to make PDFs more accessible with new tools.

Creativity is Key

In this specific 30-minute session, educators will primarily focus on ways to instill compassion and create a learner-centered classroom, all within the context of Adobe Max. They will achieve this through personal self-reflection and art practice. Participants can also learn about social-emotional attunement and trauma-responsive practices, which are essential in holistically empowering student learners. The main objective of this session is to foster creativity and enhance teaching strategies with the support of Adobe Max.

Innovation and Strategies

In this Adobe Max session, you will explore techniques to balance optimization and innovation. You will learn how to align your goals with appropriate optimization and innovation strategies. Moreover, you will discover how embracing empathy and design thinking can act as a catalyst for improving innovation. Lastly, this session will focus on advancing educational goals through innovation.

High Productivity

In this session at Adobe Max, you can learn how Adobe Express empowers freelancers, small business owners, and social media marketers to work more collaboratively with teams, skyrocketing productivity, and delivering faster results for clients. The main objective is to help students understand how to scale and amplify branded content, empowering their clients to create an on-brand experience. Additionally, you will learn effective ways to increase collaboration and streamline feedback from teams and clients.

Apart from this, there is a lot more to explore with Adobe. Register for Adobe Max 2022 today online on their website to know more.

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