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Our team will appreciate the efforts made by you for writing the best post. It is expected to write error and grammatical-free posts. Write for Us guest posts will be written on the category like Travel, Health, Technology, Fashion, Entertainment, etc. 

Basic Guidelines to keep in mind while writing Blog/Article

While writing Blog or Article, you must keep in mind the following guidelines:-

  1. The article/Blog should be 800-1000 words.
  2. In the Article or Blog, there should be no grammatical mistakes and it should be plagiarized also. 
  3. The content written must be eye-catchy and unique that shouldn’t be published before.
  4. Make sure to add at least two images to your article/blog.
  5. Always try to use short paragraphs in your content.
  6. In the content, sub-headings must be used.
  7. You can also include External links within the content which must be relevant to your content.
  8. Try to use passive voice sentences so that everyone can easily read and learn the information you want to provide.
  9. Before submitting your Article, always proofread your Article/Blog at least two times.

Types of Article Our Website usually posts

There are various articles in which we deal as follows:-

  • Trending News Articles- We generally update trending news topics like entertainment, financial, new technology launch, etc. We provide proper information regarding the trending news so that customers can get the truth. You may submit guest post articles based on this.
  • Trending Events Articles- This is another category on which our website provides trending events information. We provide information on which occasion we are organizing our events related to any news, technology launch, etc.

    While writing any type of article, you must keep in mind all the guidelines required for every article. 

How to Submit Write for Us Guest Post at Shoptopdeal

If you have done it, kindly fill out the form below by giving us the exact post/ideas about the article and the subject you want to write down. You may also write for General topics as we accept all the below categories of Guest posts.

Once we’ve come to an agreement, you’ll be given instructions to compose a piece of writing on the subject, which you must then email to us as an attachment.

If our team isn’t pleased with your initial draft, we’ll help you make the necessary revisions. After the changes, we will give you another time to update it. As the Article fits with all the basic guidelines, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Categories we recommend for Guest Posts:-

  • Electronics
  • Travel
  • Baby & Kids
  • Accessories
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Foods
  • Fashion
  • Automobile
  • Technology
  • Books
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Design


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Disclaimer:- We accept all General categories like technology, health, entertainment, foods, etc. If you face any query, please fill out the form below kindly wait for a few hours, and we will resolve your query soon.