Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations

Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations –

Travelling, in the modern world can be termed as a therapy to alter that monotonous sense of work and life. A soothe feeling after a relaxing and joyful trip is the ultimate fuel to generate that mighty zeal in you.

So what sounds better? The extravagant resorts, food and services without giving it a detailed thought. For some instances it goes well but sometimes thinking out of the box and travelling frugally doesn’t goes all wrong. Yeah, you can figure out it now, its budget travelling to go offbeat.

Budget travel goes with the fact to enjoy your desired travel destinations without breaking banks. Just a systematic survey of your interests, resources, capabilities and being knowledgeable about those wallet friendly destinations can be of great worth. So let’s check out-

  1. Thailand   

One of the most beautiful and cost friendly country to visit for. The land of smiles as they say provide you multiple ways to set your travel mood. Just plan your routes and places to visit accordingly to save your hard earned money.

Food is something that attracts the travelers but if you are on a budget tour prefer local street food and restaurant over western food as the latter can be money sucking .

The cheap accommodation is something special about Thailand. You can easily bargain for a weekly or monthly stay that too for a lone private room. The country where you can enjoy live music and a cheap drink.


Best Places to Visit in Thailand: 

  1. Krabi town
  2. Mae hong son
  3. Chiang rai
  4. Cha Am
  5. Bangkok

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  1. South Africa

The goal of backpacking for a budget travel destination seems very much realistic when you plan for a country like this. The Africa light is honored for its diversity of culture, adventure and beautiful coasts.

South Africa is a big country to explore and hence backpackers must be aware of belongings and accommodations.  The most southern city of south Africa that’s cape Town will be a good choice to start your journey. The price of hotels are pretty reasonable here and the quality of services provided is outstanding.

The African safari is one of the thing here that you can’t miss. The beaches are very near to city center in cape town to enjoy surfing and relaxing your mood. Whale watching tours at warm cape waters and to visit kruger national park can be best wildlife experience for you.

south africa

       Best Places to Visit in south Africa:    

  1. Table mountain
  2. Robben Islands
  3. Kruger national park
  4. Boulders beach
  5. Coffee bay
  1. Indonesia

The land of thousand volcanic islands, wide jungles and a number of             island with vast ethnic diversity collectively makes this country to be one of the best travel destination. The daily travel budget may range between 30-40 USD with add ons like tour and some luxuries.

The thing you will find phenomenal is the hospitality and amazingly friendly folks out there. If you want to enjoy private beaches in budget and love to party at night, Bali may be your go to place.


Best Places to Visit in Indonesia: 

  1. Kuta beach at Bali
  2. Borobudur temple
  3. Lake toba
  4. Jakarta
  5. Lambok and the Gili islands

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  1. Hungary

One of the under budget and culture rich country of Europe. There is much to explore like beautiful landscapes, calm environment and rich history. Go outside Budapest, visit countryside and enjoy the rare peace leaving that heavy crowd apart.

Hungary is possibly the safest European nation to visit for. Use of public transport can be cost effective here and a walking tour to hunt Budapest is a great option.

Eger is one of the place where you find the best wines of hungary. If you are on a budget trip 10 USD is a fine amount to dine out for a day .you must try out some hungarian food like “meat and potatoes”, its inexpensive and delicious after all. It’s fare to visit there between June and August.


Best Places To Visit in Hungary: 

  1. Lake balton
  2. Royal palace
  3. Budapest
  4. Buda Castle and Castle Hill
  1. Bulgaria

A Balkan nation having coastline with black sea suits well for backpackers to find affordability. The seven mountain ranges of Bulgaria is a bliss for nature lovers while Bansko is known for its splendid ski runs.

If it’s June , you should visit the town of kazanlak to attend rose festival. The linden tree bloom at Stara Zagora and its historical aspects shouldn’t be missed. The camping in Bulgaria is well maintained and easy to provide visitors a satisfying stay along the coasts.


Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria: 

  1. Bansko
  2. Rila monastery
  3. Sofia
  4. Sunny beach
  1. Dubai

The country to have some first and  largest constructions in the world and attracts travellers for the same. it’s bit unrealistic to hear but yes its affordable and under budget to dwell at Dubai.

Its artificial offshore islands and skyscrapers like Burj khalifa are well known to visit for. The use of metro or renting a car in Dubai is a cheap way of exploring these touristic sites.

However be alert for a medical emergency. A valid travel insurance is much needed in Dubai to bear those hefty medical expenses.


Best Places to Visit in Dubai: 

  1. Burj khalifa
  2. The dubai Mall
  3. Dubai Marina
  4. Dubai Desert safari

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  1. Hawaii

Just think of Hawaii and you will  imagine a elaborated scene of coloured waters and gentle ocean breeze for sure. It’s a paradise for couples and lovers and cost concerns can be curbed too with right planning.

To get some fare accommodations try to have a stay away from beaches and use public buses to move around  for money saving.

So everything is not that dark here when it comes to money. There are some interesting activities like lazing by the famous waikiki  beach and catching the beautiful sunset that is both affordable and interesting.


Best Places to Visit in Hawaii: 

  1. Haleakala National park
  2. Waikiki beach
  3. Road to Hana
  4. Trip to Lana’
  1. India

The land of vast diversity, crazy food and loving people can be your ultimate travel place if you love surprises. One of the oldest civilisation provides you the calmness of hills and on the other hand mind-blowing beaches of Goa and Mumbai imports you in celebration mood.

One thing you should be pretty sure about is the season. Summers should be avoided to visit central india. Tour agents and guides are easily available and thus you get the beautiful story of this vibrant land.

Hotels and accommodation are cheap in real and travelling by train or bus should be preferred. It’s very much true to say that leaving mouth watering indian food unexplored will be a blunder. The foodie’s paradise add much taste under budget almost in every part.


Best Places to Visit in India:

  1. Manali
  2. Pudducherry
  3. Jaipur
  4. Ooty
  5. Goa
  1. Greece

Everyone should be familiar with the country name through its wonderful history but those beautiful white beaches and spectacular mountains have their exclusive worth here.

The budget travel at Greece is very much real excluding the peak summer season because local vacations can make hotels rate skyhigh, yet cities like Athens and Thessaloniki provide cheap accommodation.

Biking on a four wheeled motorbike is a fun experience here. A walking tour of the Parthenon Temple to fully appreciate this wonder of history must be interesting. Currency exchange centers and Atm services are readily available in Greece.


Best Places to Visit in Greece: 

  1. Athens
  2. Santorini
  3. Zagori
  4. Rethymnon
  1. Scotland

The city of folklore and traditions is acknowledged for its creative and warm people. Unlike UK it’s well under budget if you don’t fall for luxury travelling.

One of the most interesting and popular accommodation option here is camping. Yes you heard that right. It’s cost effective and the best way to enjoy those beautiful outdoors and ultimate tranquility.

Meanwhile your to do list can include to visit some free museums or a boat trip. Scotch lovers are highly recommended to go for a distillery visit to taste it at very low prices.


Best Places to Visit in Scotland: 

  1. Glasgow
  2. Loch lamond and the Trossachs
  3. Stirling Castle
  4. Museum of Scottish lighthouses         

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