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Gaming Bliss on Your Mac: Age of Empires and Parallels Desktop 18

Parallels Desktop are actually quite operational in saving the cost of many companies that they would have incurred on additional computers. It is a great way to save up a little on the costs. Through the help of Parallels, desktop companies can actually save up on money by replacing the necessary Windows systems with virtual machines. A classic example of this is seen when hardware is required by a company’s developers.

Here, different systems are required to test their software. Parallels are great since they allow organisations to deploy a third-party operating system, such as Windows and Linux. Here, the organisation can also use the company’s software to manage macOS desktops that too with a single management console.

Get the Best Out of the Parallels Desktops:

Here are some of the best ways you can get the best out of the Parallels.

– Play a Windows game on Mac with Parallels Desktop 18

Are you an all-time Age of Empires fan? Now, when you get your hands on the early beta versions of the Parallels Desktop 18, you must thoroughly test the popular edition of Age of Empires. Since the Parallel Desktop 18 is now available, you can now run the Age of Empires II Definitive Edition smoothly. You can also use it on various Mac devices which you own and this can also include an Intel iMac. Not just that, but you can also use this on your M1 MacBook Pro, and a M2 MacBook Pro.

Since it cannot be predicted how a certain game would perform in Parallels Desktop, it is a sigh of relief for many to know that the Age of the Empires II Definitive Edition works quite well. It is also important to note that the Parallel Desktop implements video memory way more differently than what it does on hardware PCs. So, if you are an Age of the Empires superfans then you must stay at ease since the Parallels Desktop 18 can run the Windows games and applications smoothly. So, it doesn’t matter what your preferences are; the Parallel Desktop has got your back.

– Get Improved Connectivity for Game Controllers in Parallels Desktop 18

The new version of Parallels Desktop 18 is power-packed with new types of innovations and advanced features. But one of the best features that you can find in it is the new improved game controller connectivity. It is important to note that earlier too, the Parallels desktop could connect to a game controller, but the process was quite tricky. But the Parallels desktop developed some advanced level improvements.

They worked specifically with Apple to make various enhancements to their software. Now it’s just a simple process. All you really need to do is connect the game controller to your Mac computer when you are running Windows in Parallel Desktop. You’ll see that it will automatically connect once you run it.

– Check Out the Parallels Toolbox 5.5

When the Parallels Toolbox for Mac version 1.0 was released back in the year 2016, it used to have about 20 tools. Then after that there were regular updates with the addition of new tools. In 2022, when version 5.5 was released, and now it has new tools. Today the new version of Parallels Desktop has 53 tools. Currently, the two new tools are encrypt and verify checksum.

1. Encrypt files

As per the name it has, it encrypts files using the file encryption tool. Indeed, if you only want to do one-way encryption, this tool won’t help you much, so it will also perform decryption. The newly encrypted file is of type “pboxz” and double-clicking on the file will open the file encryption tool. There are also several reasons to use this tool, but one of the most important is to back up and protect your files. Not just that, since it is a well-integrated Mac tool, you can store encrypted passwords in Mac Keychain and use Touch ID if your Mac has this feature.

This tool is also known to accept multiple files and folders for encryption. Along with that, you can add files by simply dragging and dropping them onto the tool’s drop zone. Tools that encrypt files use AES-256 encryption because cross-platform encryption is often required. This allows you to share and decrypt files on both Windows and macOS.

2. Verify Checksum

Checksums are most commonly used to verify data integrity. If by any chance the file has been altered or compromised, the checksum will be somewhat different from the original file. Such checks are often performed after a file has been downloaded to ensure that the file has not been corrupted or infected during the download process.

The Verify Checksum tool calculates a file’s checksum and compares that checksum to the original checksum issued by the file’s creator.

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