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New Year Party Celebration 2020

NEW year celebration ideas

New year celebrations, one of the most wonderful moment, is’nt it? Moment to leave your anxieties and concerns miles behind and to move ahead for a fresh start. But just hanging around alone on couch and call it the night is surely not the best way to welcome this much awaited eve. If you are hosting the New year party or planning something exciting this year, you want to get completely out- its new year eve after all. Whether you want to look it bold with some spectacular decorations or make it look classy anyway, we’ve had miraculous ideas to confirm that you celebration will be enduring for sure. So let’s check out some animating ways to ring the bell for 2020.

To have a bonfire party

Imagine yourself under the dark sky, the cold night and with a bonfire. The unusual combination penetrates through your soul and imports you to that magical world of emotions known as memories. How often you feel that. The rare round up of friends and relatives, chuckles, cherishing those pleasant memories of the past, singing, dancing all the night is something that lasts long. There is no better way to enjoy and spend quality time than to organize a bonfire party.

New Year Party Celebrations

Tips: 1. Enjoy to the core of your heart but take care of the public rules like burn laws of the local authorities, no noise limit law violation while having music etc.

  1. Any kind of food fits good for bonfire party, may be sandwiches, snacks etc. but on a bonfire it’s always good to have some roasted food items like marshmallows, baked potatoes, jiffy pop corn, kebabs and so on.
  2. If it’s winter bring warming items like blankets, scarves and ear muffs. Hot cocoa will do magic in this scenario.
  3. Once you have all the invitees around there is a lot do. Fun activities like sing along campfire songs, storytelling, Glow stick games. The dance on the cell phone songs or wireless speakers will be a whole package for the theme.

Potluck party

Potluck party

What’s the best if you are a good host and a food lover too. A conglomeration of allies with a potluck party seems to be a good option. You get liberty of hosting an event without placing a deal or focus on expenses alone. Everyone is there to share their dishes and a feast is on. A chit chat party with variety of taste sounds soothing itself. This will really be a fun trust me.

Tips: 1. It should be a theme party. Inform your guests with the dishes they can prepare and should well under the budget.

  1. Create a to do list accordingly. Like starters to drinks, main course to deserts everything should be sorted. Repetition of items can spoil the theme.
  2. The thing for the guests, come prepared for your dishes, serving utensils and dish towels and try to maintain cleanness as host is offering much than anyone else.
  3. Try to avoid bring over spicy and stinky food. Grain salad and some vegetable food can be good for variety. Try to avoid food having weird combinations as It’s not sure that everyone will be easy with that.

Choose your travel destination

travel destination

You may choose to celebrate the eve at your place but if you love to explore places, new year is undoubtedly the best time to maximize your zeal and to get most out of your dream vacation. It’s up to you to go solo, with friends or family or with a crew of you workplace but the goal should be to make it special and full of exciting energy for the upcoming time. We have listed some thrilling new year party destinations here.

  • New york- time square, USA

Historical featuresDuffy Square, George Michael Cohan statue, One Times Square.

Auckland, New Zealand


Historical features: Queen Victoria Statue, Albert Park, Auckland Sky Tower, Auckland War Memorial Museum. 

New year eveNice’n’Urlich at Ostro, Soul Bar and Bistro, Wondergarden, Chapel, Federal St. 

  • Mumbai, India


Historical features: Gateway of india, Marine drive, Prince of Wales museum, Hanging gardens, Global pagoda.

New year eve Bignite (Essel World), Hotel sea N Rock, Hotel Taj (santacruz), The Millennium Mall, Adlabs Imagica.

  • London, UK 


Historical features: Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham palace, Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

New year eveThe dark circus party, New years eve ball, winter wonderland, the Blitz party, Breakfast can wait.

  • Bangkok, Thailand 


Historical features: Temple of Dawn, Wat chaiwatthanaram, Ancient city, Big Buddha temple, Historic city of Ayutthaya.

New year eveAIS Bangkok Countdown 2020 at Central World , Space Time: Freak Out 2020, Amazing Thailand Countdown 2020 at ICONSIAM.

New year wishes 

New year wishes, one of the most conventional thing to honor the day. Most of us will agree to the fact and get puzzled about how to make it special. Sometimes what to put on cards, the perfect quote etc. but your thoughts are inherited in the moment.

New years always hit with the possibilities of a raw start. The whole past year and all the previous years added no of catchy ideas to pass some magical wishes to your loved ones. Sometimes to get touchy with the ones feeling lonely anyway. Others may have goals for the approaching time. To make their spirits high with your wishes is something remarkable you can do.

You can include your photograph with your family or friends with your cards and what’s better than to have a warm feeling of togetherness. Being casual is not all for the day, your witty one liners can do wonders and make you look contrasting. So enjoy your day and try out some of these concepts.

Masquerade party 

Fiction or history lovers should be well aware of the idea because the said are full of mystery too often. So why not to add some mystery to your new year celebration with a winsome masquerade ball party.

The thing goes fare with it that masquerade parties are still in vogue but preparations are the crucial aspect.

Select the theme first, either you want to keep it black and white or want to use color theme to make it look real as per your expectations. It can be a historical theme, like ancient Rome or medieval Indian, your favorite book character, any abstract idea or superhero/superheroes. The arrangement of masks and space provided to dance or perform such acts are the fundamental factors. A well organized ball party can be enduring for the occasion.

Masquerade party

Keep it calm

Are you one of them who got tired with celebrations at pubs, parties, restaurants on every new year eve and want a peaceful quality time for the upcoming year’s night, just keep it simple. Take a break from these noisy city surroundings. Camping at a secret place or to explore a place like a hilly area or a calm river beach must be an insane idea.

A clear sky with instrumental music and hot cocoa sips, isn’t sound refreshing. The outdoors and to experience the nature is always a fun. Spending the night under the sky with desired atmosphere, cozy bonfire, music, meal and experiencing the first day sunrise of the new year is a distinct feeling for sure. The selection of secret or unexplored place goes with the fact that we all love surprises and lasting delicacy of those. Enjoy some kind of surprise this year and hunt for a place like this. 

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