Marks and Spencer

Behind The Label: Marks And Spencer’s Commitment To Quality And Sustainability

Marks and Spencer have been the ‘go-to’ brand for many who want to revamp their wardrobe collection. If the sight of a Marks and Spencer outlet makes you want to visit it and find your own picks, then you are definitely a frequent consumer of this brand. Founded in the year 1884, the brand has quite a history. Something that has stood successfully in the market for such a long time is bound to become an inspiration in itself, which is true in the case of the brand Marks and Spencer. Today, it is a multinational retailer, and its headquarters are based in Paddington, London, England.

Back when it started it was famous for providing the most vogue-like clothing items to customers and today, it specializes in selling not just clothing but also beauty, home products, and food products. They are widely known throughout the world for their products. Here’s a brief idea of what Marks and Spencer’s products are.

Marks and Spencer’s Products

If you truly want to understand the perspective and essence of a brand, you must find out about their approach to their own brand products. This will also help you understand how they want the customers to look behind the label of M&S products too.

They are firm believers that quality is at the heart of everything they do. Therefore, they take sourcing and product manufacturing quite seriously. They also understand that customers are making the right choice when they choose their products. That’s why they ensure that customers opt for products that are good for both them and the planet.

They specifically work in partnership with the most trusted suppliers to innovate and find new and better ways of doing things. Therefore, they are known to make choices that reduce emissions, cut waste, and improve workers’ lives, among other impactful initiatives.

The Product Standard

They are a trustworthy brand in the fashion market. Therefore, it is their responsibility to reassure their customers and key stakeholders that they can rely on them in terms of product safety and integrity. For this, they look beyond their operations to the wider supply chain where huge impacts occur.

They have various policies, codes of practice and guidelines that are supposed to be strictly followed by suppliers. They just want to deliver products that are safe, legal, high quality, and are produced with integrity.

If technical requirements are in question then you can sit back and relax because it’s something which is fully understood at a senior management level and is communicated to all staff which is involved in producing our products. If you are interested in learning more about their product standards, then you should check out the ‘product standards’ category in foods, clothing & home, and others.

Take a Look Behind the Label

The brand Marks and Spencer is defined by more than its popularity and its ability to connect with the fashion-conscious world. Marks and Spencer believes that this autumn you must look behind the label and join in with them to do right by the planet. Yes, they are talking about sustainability! Since the brand ‘Marks and Spencer’ has a huge customer base, the company knows that the customers who are buying from them are indeed quite climate-conscious, which is something that they understand.

Therefore, they want to do the right thing when their customers are shopping with them. But, since they are doing a great job when it comes to their products, there are 5 iconic products that are helping them bring the change they have wanted to see in the world. These include denim, plant kitchen, cotton, coffee, and M&S Energy.

More Efforts by M&S

M&S is doing its bit by also having a hub that sets out the everyday actions that can help in the reduction of carbon footprint.

  1. Discussions and conversations about climate change. The more you talk about climate change, the more aware you can get
  2. They’re launching a shopping. For this shopping, you can also get a free treat every time you shop.
  3. Providing customers tips, tricks, and recipes on how not to waste food.

Mark&Spencer’s Ideology

They firmly acknowledge the extreme problems which are ongoing in the environment. But, despite that, they want to show that change is possible. They believe that we can prevent getting things worse by taking action either individually or collectively. This can genuinely help in making a difference.

Their main aim is to make the ‘sustainability’ factor accessible to all and also spread its significance in all lives. Therefore, shopping with them is just more than upgrading your wardrobe collection or taking note of the ongoing trends.

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