Kitchen Garden

Green Fingers, Healthy Life: The Joy of Kitchen Gardening

With increased industrialization comes an increased population, resulting in high demand for everything. Because population growth leads to excessive resource consumption, there is always a need for everything in daily life. Many of the foods we eat on a daily basis, such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, are essential for the proper functioning and growth of the human body.

Many people are involved in agricultural activities, but they use a lot of fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides for better crop production. But these chemicals are absorbed by the plants, and then we are the ones who are eating those vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

These are so hazardous for us and can also be fatal. In earlier times, when the population was not that big, many people did agricultural activities with no chemicals at all and thus ate chemical-free vegetables and other edible things as well.

Reduction in Cancer Risk

As we know, all the chemicals used in the production of the crop in the larger area, which uses so many chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides for the better growth of the crop, if used in excess, may harm the health of the consumers, and after a certain consumption of the chemicals, there is a possibility of having cancer and other health issues, which is not at all good for us.

As so many of the farmers don’t know about the bad effects of these chemicals on their bodies, they are used to it without knowing anything, as they think only about the growth of their business. Also dangerous for the people who consume them, these chemicals are riskier for those who deal with them on a daily basis; they are therefore at higher risk.

Environment Friendly:

If the majority of people try to make their own kitchen gardens for their own use only, without the use of chemicals, this will not harm the environment and will help to save it. It can help control different types of environmental pollution like air, water, soil, etc. They also help in the reduction of carbon emissions, and if we use our own-grown vegetables, they are not transported from one place to another and we can directly eat them.

So air pollution created by transportation vehicles can be reduced as well. Chemicals that are used directly in the soil will be stopped, so soil pollution will be reduced to a greater extent.

Kitchen Garden Can Provide Fresh Vegetables:

If we grow our own vegetables in the kitchen garden of our house, then we don’t need to go to the vegetable store and buy vegetables there for a whole week. We can just go in the kitchen and get the fresh vegetables we want for our meal. This is a very good thing as these are free from chemicals, and they will never hamper our health as fresh vegetables and fruits are very healthy for our body.

We can grow so many seasonal fruits and vegetables in our own kitchen garden and give them proper care so that, in the end, we will get some good-quality veggies and fruits to eat. We can use organic manure to fulfill the nutritional needs of the soil and plants and let them grow naturally.

Save Money –

As we know, the vegetables that we eat on a regular basis consist of labor charges, charges for growing them, transportation charges, taxes to the mall and vegetable store, and some other charges as well. But if we grow our own vegetables, then we don’t have to pay the extra charges to anyone. Because we are growing our own vegetables in our own kitchen garden, we just need to pay the charges for buying the seeds of different vegetables that are of good quality, and that’s it.

We can save a lot of money here and for the rest of our lives if we continue to grow our own vegetables in kitchen garden. We can invest that money somewhere else, which will again benefit us in many other ways.

Physical Activity –

Spending time gardening is great physical work. Those who don’t go to the gym and want to lose some weight can spend some time in their kitchen garden, as there are a lot of things to do there, and plants also need proper care and attention for better growth of vegetables and fruits.

While doing some of the activities like weeding, planting seeds, cleaning, and completing all the activities for the benefit of the plants. It is a great physical activity for anyone, so anyone can lose some calories. If you are stressed, it can also make you busy, so you can feel relief from your stress as well.

There are unlimited benefits to having your own kitchen garden. If you are planning for this.

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