Iconic Brands of Macy’s: Discovering Fashion, Luxury, and Beauty

For a very long time now, Macy’s has been known to be a trusted source for quality brands at great value from off-price to luxury items. If you are a regular customer of them, then you must know that the brand has been operating through various iconic nameplates which include Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Bluemercury. It’s been so many years now that they have helped their customers express their unique style and make their celebration moments grand, whether they are big or small. Macy’s is located in New York City. They have been known to operate one of the retail’s largest e-commerce businesses, which are integrated with a nationwide footprint known to deliver the most convenient and seamless shopping experience.

As of now, their main purpose is to create a brighter future that has a bold representation. This helps in realizing the full potential of everyone and everything that has been associated with them.

The Iconic Brands Of Macy’s

The most iconic brands of Macy’s are Macy itself, Bloomingdale’s, and Bluemercury, which are widely recognized retail brands popularly known for delivering memorable shopping experiences to users.

1. Macy’s

There is no doubt that Macy’s is indeed one of the largest retail brands of Macy’s Inc. It has till today served as the main source of style for generations of customers. It is today one of the nation’s largest e-commerce platforms, which are powered by and mobile apps. Also, since you already know that Macy’s is connected with a nationwide network of stores, Macy’s is known to deliver the most convenient and seamless shopping experience. Within the platform of Macy’s, you can find the most chic and trendy-looking apparel, home improvement products, beauty products, accessories, and so much more. One can never run out of reasons to shop at Macy’s.

2. Bloomingdale’s

Back in the year 1872, one of the most luxurious brands Bloomingdales, was born in NYC. It is a renowned luxury global retailer which has been known to operate 33 stores and 21 outlets. Along with that, it is also known to have an international presence in Dubai. Bloomingdales has always been known for its originality and fashion curation. Also, Bloomingdales has been known to offer a distinctive product mix which has been known to notably include contemporary emerging brands, premium luxury designers, and coveted private labels, spanning fashion, beauty, home, and more. But all of this is just a glimpse of what Bloomingdales has to offer its customers.

3. Bluemercury

In the year 1999, the company Bluemercury was founded in Washington, D.C. Today it is widely renowned as the nation’s one of the largest and fastest-growing luxury beauty products and retail spa chains. For many customers, Bluemercury is a haven, especially for beauty lovers. It is a place that is known to receive honest and expert advice to browse for the best beauty products. It was in March 2015, when Bluemercury joined Macy’s Inc, through an acquisition. This high-growth and luxury-based company today boasts more than 185 specialty stores all across the nation. If you want to know more about Bluemercury then you should visit its website online.

Top Items Of These Iconic Brands

Here are some of the shortlisted items from these iconic brands that you should add to your cart!

– Created for Macy’s

If you are looking for items from the Macy’s brand then you should definitely shortlist items where you can notice the ‘created for Macy’s’ tagline. Some of the best items which you should own are Women’s V-Neck Blouse, Women’s Ribbed Mock-Neck Long-Sleeve Cutout Top, and Women’s Sherpa Quarter-Zip Pullover. Check out the dresses for the upcoming occasions that you have. You can also casually shop for items like pajamas, capris, and pants. You can also explore its other categories to get an in-depth insight into everything that it’s offering to you.

– Handbags And Accessories

If you talk to women, then you’ll know for sure that there is always one thing that gets them excited the most when it comes to shopping. It is the handbags and accessories. Some women, for instance, just love to collect the most trendy and chic-looking handbags and accessories, and well, in that case, Macy’s is the right platform! Some of the best-selling handbags from Macy’s include the signature Austin leather tote bag, Phoebe large leather grab tote, and the Adele double-zip pebble leather phone wristlet. As far as accessories are concerned, there can be no favorites since all of them look stunning.

What’s More?

If you still find yourself browsing and looking for more stuff at Macy’s, then here’s something that you should do. Instead of randomly browsing, you can visit their website online and get an overview of everything they have to offer to you.

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