Hearing Loss

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Avoiding Permanent Hearing Loss

People are using headphones every time and excessively, which is very harmful for us. WHO also stated that around a billion people in the world are at risk of hearing loss because of unsafe listening habits and excessive usage of loud noise for a longer period of time. The youngsters are hearing loud and continuous sounds in their ears, which is putting them on the path to becoming deaf in a short period of time.

Nowadays, many people love to listen to music and all kinds of other things with their headphones and earphones. There are so many people whose headphones are in their ears all the time. Excessive use of headphones and anything else can harm us in many ways. We can use anything anytime, but for a particular period of time, and not harm ourselves. As we know, technology makes our lives easier in many ways, but it also makes us addicted to some things that are harmful for us.

Because of the loud voice, a lot of germs can enter the ears and cause harmful effects. As we know, sound produces vibrations and makes the eardrum vibrate. The louder the sound and the stronger the vibrations, the more hairs will move accordingly. If we continuously hear the louder sound, then the hair cells, which are sensitive to the sound, will lose the capability to sense it and hence vibrate.

What Causes Hearing Losss

Many times, the excessive hearing of the sound will lead to the bending and folding of the cells, which can lead to temporary hearing loss. Sometimes it takes longer to recover. When they recover, it happens that not all the cells come back to their original position, and this can cause permanent hearing loss and deafness, which cannot be cured properly.

There are so many ways in which continuous usage of headphones can affect us, so we should use the headphones in a better way while thinking of the future as well.


This is known as noise-induced hearing loss. By this, we understand that there is damage to the sensitive structures in the inner ear, which causes hearing loss in the person. It can be noticed immediately or go unnoticed for a longer period of time. This hearing loss can be temporary or permanent as well. It can also affect both or just one ear.

Always remember that once the hair cells of the inner ear lose their sensitivity to noise, it cannot be cured completely and can lead to a permanent loss of hearing, which is not good for the person. So always use the headphones and earphones for a particular period of time, and do not listen to the music in a loud voice for a longer period of time.

Tinnitus –

When a person hears ringing or other noises in one or both ears, he or she is suffering from Tinnitus. The noise isn’t external, but internal. It is a common problem, and 15% to 20% of people suffer from it. This is common in older adults. This can be caused by age-related injuries in the ears and problems concerning the circulatory system. With the help of some of the treatments this can mask the sound which is audible inside the ear.

There can be different types of noises which can be heard, such as buzzing, roaring, clicking, hissing, humming, etc. Tinnitus can also cause rhythmic pulses and whooshing sounds often associated with your heartbeat. The pitch of the sound in the inner ear can vary. Many people can hear the hig-pitchedh sound, some hear very lo- pitched sounds.

Hyperacusis –

It is a disorder in loudness perception. People who suffer from this disease can be oversensitive to a particular range of sounds. They can find many types of the sound so loud and painful as well. Sometimes many people find the whole world so unbearable that every sound becomes very painful to them.

Some of the high-pitched noise is caused by things such as babies crying, glass breaking, anxiety, and many more things. There is a feeling of fullness and pressure in the ears. So, if you are using the headphones, try to use them for a particular period of time.

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