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Go City is the world’s largest sightseeing pass company, helping people discover new destinations. It’s easy to explore areas that are easy to visit with cash, and there are plenty of fantastic magical shoes perfect for action-packed adventures like ziplines and jet skis, hand-picked by local experts. With locations in many cities across Asia, the US, and Europe, Global Bush has 30 destination passes, from New York to nautical paradises like Oahu and Sydney to gorgeous meridian cities like London. 

Destinations play an important role in your life, bring you many benefits, and help you create beautiful memories that are centres of diversity, heritage, and culture. It also provides opportunities to explore different customs, arts, traditions, and architecture. Therefore, we also offer a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as adventure sports.

The city of London is considered a gloomy and grey city, and it is rich in culture, from its famous breakfast to tea culture; hence, you can visit to shop for your friends, family, and relatives. Oxford Street is known for its designer wear, from Debenhams, Swarovski, and John Lewis. London Street is the best place to bargain, and you can buy them some authentic stuff. It is also excellent street food.

Places to visit in London to enhance experiences 

Destination London is a fascinating city where history meets modernity. From Go City, you’ll see all the iconic landmarks illuminated, from the chimes of Big Ben throughout the city to the magical glow of the waters of the Thames, which offers you much more and is a combination of modern and traditional elements. 

-Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are on the River Thames and offer great views. With a rich history dating back to the 11th century, it is one of London’s most famous landmarks. Big Ben also mentions the Great Clock Sphere weighing over 13 tonnes in the Elizabeth Tower, the small He Quarter Bell that adds melodic charm to the chimes, and public tours where you can explore corridors and historic rooms and admire the ornate architecture. This place is a great place to click pictures, as you can enjoy the view from nearby Westminster Bridge and hear the famous hour bells.

-A premier place as a royal residence, treasury, and prison, the Tower of London has existed for over 900 years and was originally built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The central structure of the Tower of London is a white tower with a huge stone from which you can admire the mediaeval interior. The Tower of London is adorned with crown jewels and the world’s most precious collection of royal dignitaries. Meanwhile, the Yeoman Warders, also known as Beeeaters, wear golden uniforms and distinctive red clothing. As such, it has a wide variety of monuments and buildings, including mediaeval palaces, giving it an authentic and historic charm.

-Covent Garden is known for its lively street performers, theatres, and boutiques, Covent Garden is at the heart of the district, with a wide range of designer shops and quirky gifts. Covent Garden is a shopaholic’s paradise where street performers, including magicians, dancers, and talented musicians, add excitement and charm to the area, as well as the Royal Opera House, famous for ballet and opera performances. Join an intriguing behind-the-scenes guided tour to learn more about the theatre’s rich heritage. Boasting a charming open-plan area with many restaurants, cafes, and shops, The Pizza is the perfect place to unwind. Featuring the famous St. Paul’s Church and beautiful floral arrangements that are visually appealing, the area is home to several theatres, including the Cambridge Theatre and the Royal Drury Lane Theatre.

-Notting Hill is Known for its pastel-coloured houses with charming architectural details and the vibrant Portobello Road Market, Notting Hill is one of the most famous tourist attractions, with unique collections, vintage clothing, quirky shops, and street food. Carnival festivals are held here, featuring colourful events that incorporate Caribbean culture. Notting Hill also offers a place where high-quality designer boutiques and home furnishings are combined. For book lovers, there is a bookstore displaying novels and popular movies. Notting Hills is surrounded by beautiful green spaces to sit and relax, and Holland Park, home to peacocks and peaceful gardens, is within walking distance of Hyde Gardens and Kensington Gardens.

-The London Eye is the largest cantilevered observation wheel, and it has won over 85 awards for international and national tourism. It has outstanding architectural quality and is the most recognisable symbol of London. It has 32 glass capsules that can hold up to 25 people, and the regular ticket price is around 32 euros.

For more information, please visit the Go City website to save money and visit unlimited London with all-exclusive passes for discounted entry to multiple activities and attractions. Being able to enjoy popular attractions is a huge time saver and a convenience. There is usually flexibility in validity and duration as well.

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