Enhance Your Bathroom with These Items from Travis Perkins

The bathroom is frequently one of the rooms that receives the most attention when it comes to remodelling and home improvement projects. We begin and finish our days in this area, therefore the way it is designed and functions has a big influence on how we conduct our everyday lives. Travis Perkins can handle all of your bathroom renovation needs, whether you’re wanting to renovate your space or are planning a complete makeover. We’ll look at a variety of Travis Perkins goods and objects in this blog that may help you make your bathroom a more aesthetically beautiful and useful area.

Introduction to Travis Perkins

For those who may not be familiar, let me introduce Travis Perkins before we get into the individual items. Travis Perkins is a reputable builders’ merchant and home improvement store located in the United Kingdom. Due to their extensive selection of equipment, supplies, and home renovation items, they are a go-to place for both pros and do-it-yourselfers. You may realise your idea of the ideal bathroom environment with the aid of Travis Perkins’ wide range of bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Tiles

One of the most important components of any bathroom design is the tiles. They add greatly to the overall beauty of the area in addition to fulfilling a practical need. A wide variety of bathroom tile alternatives are available from Travis Perkins, including contemporary and fashionable porcelain and mosaic tiles in addition to traditional ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are a classic and adaptable option for bathroom flooring and walls. You may create a classic or modern appearance with them since they are long-lasting, easy to clean, and available in a variety of colours and designs.

Mosaic Tiles: For a luxurious and artistic touch, mosaic tiles are ideal for your bathroom. To assist you in creating distinctive and striking designs, Travis Perkins provides mosaic tiles in a variety of materials, including glass, stone, and metal.

Natural Stone Tiles: Think about using natural stone tiles for an earthy, organic style. Travis Perkins offers slate, marble and travertine tiles that may elevate your bathroom’s style. Remember that in order to maintain its beauty, real stone has to be properly sealed and cared for.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

In addition to being useful, your bathroom’s fixtures and fittings may add to the room’s overall attractiveness as design features. To accommodate different tastes and styles, Travis Perkins provides a large selection of bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Bathroom Faucets: Travis Perkins offers a variety of bathroom faucets, including conventional, modern, and minimalist styles. To fit the design of your bathroom, you may select from a variety of finishes including matte black, brushed nickel, or chrome.

Shower Systems: With the variety of shower systems available from Travis Perkins, you may enhance your showering experience. From basic shower heads to whole shower sets including body jets and thermostatic controls, they have it all.

Bathroom Vanities: A bathroom vanity may act as a focus point in your space in addition to being a useful piece of storage. From sleek and contemporary designs to more conventional ones, Travis Perkins provides a wide range of vanity alternatives.

Toilets and Bidets: Travis Perkins offers an assortment of fashionable and high-performing toilet and bidet replacements. Select from a variety of flush mechanisms, forms and designs to meet the needs of your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting

The atmosphere and usability of your bathroom may be greatly improved with the right lighting. Travis Perkins provides a range of lighting options to add brightness to your room.

Ceiling Lights: To uniformly light your bathroom, select from a variety of ceiling lights, such as flush-mounted fixtures, pendant lights, and recessed lighting.

Vanity Lights: For applying cosmetics and maintaining good grooming, vanity lights are necessary. A variety of vanity light fixtures are available from Travis Perkins to match the design of your bathroom.

LED Mirrors: LED mirrors give your bathroom a contemporary, elegant touch while also providing superb task illumination. For increased convenience, Travis Perkins provides mirrors with built-in LED illumination.

Sconces: Your bathroom might seem cosier and more welcoming with wall sconces installed. They work really well to provide the feel of a spa.


Improving your bathroom may add significant value and comfort to your house. With the aid of Travis Perkins, you may create the bathroom of your dreams with a variety of accessories and supplies. Their wide range of tiles, fixtures, accessories, and more may satisfy all your demands and style preferences, whether you’re planning a major overhaul or simply a small refresh.

Recall that a well-planned bathroom makeover improves your everyday life in addition to adding beauty and practicality to your house. When you’re prepared to start a bathroom renovation project, choose the ideal products to improve your space by visiting the Travis Perkins shop in your area or browsing their online catalogue. As your reliable companion on the home renovation journey, Travis Perkins will help you achieve your ideal bathroom in just a few short stages.

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