Smart Home Upgrades

Innovate Your Living Space: Embracing Smart Home Upgrades For A Brighter Future

Smart Home Upgrades: Since the advent of technology, we are only progressing towards a technologically-advanced future. When gadgets can be smart in their operation, why can’t other things be? Well, humans really have always been the smarter ones, but now a person’s lifestyle can also become smart! Especially when it comes to houses. There are so many things in our houses that are costing us more than they really should. While, in some cases that may make sense but what doesn’t make sense, is them causing inconvenience every now and then to the people. This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are switching to smart-home-based technology. When are you?

Smart Home, Smart You

A smart home, with its intelligent features, will ensure you save up on electricity and effectively reduce the impact of power and water bills. Imagine a scenario where you are in your bed, yet the lights remain illuminated inadvertently. Yes, you might be reluctant to get out of bed due to laziness. Consequently, you end up avoiding the task of switching them off, inadvertently consuming more watts of electricity. This wastage could have been averted if your lights were equipped with ‘smart’ technology. Undoubtedly, smart home upgrades empower you to effortlessly manage all your lights or bulbs, adding a new level of convenience to your life.

Smart Home Upgrades Items From Toolstation

It’s really true that smart home upgrades are transforming the way people live their lives. In the present-day world, upgraded tech is crafted in a way that it only sends convenience to those who opt for it. Here are the best-selling smart tech from Toolstation that you should check out for your house.

1. Smart Learning Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat is fruitful since it has the ability to learn a household’s patterns. It can then adjust heating and cooling accordingly as per the number of people occupying space in a house. It also reduces cooling and heating when nobody is home for a period of time. With this Nest smart learning Thermostat, you can indeed stay in complete control of the heating and hot water systems regardless of where you are.

This way, with smart home upgrades, you’ll have the settings right at your fingertips. Also, these smart home upgrades will enable the Thermostat to learn when you go to bed and also what temperature you prefer when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. Some of its worth-mentioning features include Works with Google Home Voice and Amazon Alexa, a bright, backlit LCD display, a kit containing 3rd Generation Nest thermostat & Nest Heat Link.

2. Smart Home-Speakers

If you have a smart speaker by your side, then you are indeed at a great advantage. Not just that, but it is also quite fun. A smart speaker can help people use their voices to complete their everyday tasks, like if you want to order a take-out or if you want to track a package. In fact, not just that, but you can also get updates on news and weather. You can do all these things hands-free, which is really the best part of installing smart speakers in your house. This will really make your work much easier and smoother.

Upgrade your smart home with the Google Nest Mini, available at Toolstation today. To control it, all you need to do is say ‘Hey Google’ from anywhere in the room, and this device will be on hand to help with everything that is under its control. The best features of these speakers include Better audio for enjoying your favorite music; Google Assistant for help around the home; improved voice recognition, and hands-free calling and voice casting.

3. Discover Smart Doorbells And Smart Home Upgrades

If you have been looking for a premium quality smart doorbell, then you shouldn’t look any further than the Ring Chime Generation 2 from Toolstation. With this, you can hear real-time notifications when you are in your home or when someone presses your doorbell. In fact, you’ll also be made aware if a motion is detected by this doorbell. Just plug this doorbell into the standard wall socket and then connect the Ring chime to your Ring doorbell and cameras too.

You can also integrate Chime devices across your home to receive notifications from it, enhancing accessibility in key areas like your kitchen, home office, and bedroom. This is applicable even if your smartphone is out of reach. Some of the standout features of these smart doorbell upgrades include easy installation, standard 2.4 GHz connectivity, adjustable volume, a do not disturb mode, and a range of classic and seasonal tones, truly embodying the essence of smart home upgrades.

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