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People who are interested in art would definitely want to decorate their workspace and living space with their preferences. Sometimes it can be a painting by their favourite artist, like Van gogh and other times it can be simply posters of movies, places, or someone they admire. Especially people who are a die hard fan of a movie or a person would love to have a poster or an art print.

Hype around posters and art prints

There is no doubt in the fact that posters usually feature visually captivating artwork or photography which allows people to express their interests, personality, and tastes in an artistic way. Moreover, they are also seen as a self-expression and a great way to display everything that they are passionate about. Also, if you want a poster then you shouldn’t think so much about it since it is quite affordable than other forms of art such as an original painting. Since posters are quite affordable they are more accessible to a large range of people. This makes it more economical and also helps in decorating the living spaces of people without costing them too much. 

Talking about art prints, well, then they are quite famous and are also widely appreciated for various reasons. Again, art prints are also more affordable as compared to the original artworks. This kind of accessibility can help a large number of people to enjoy and own artwork. Moreover, art print also provides the artist an opportunity to own and display iconic artworks which are created by renowned artists throughout history. 

From Zavvi’s collection

Are you a Harry potter fan? Loved this year’s stranger things season? Want a poster or an art print inspired by such iconic movies and TV series? If you do, then you should check out the collection of Zavvi. Here are some of the posters and art prints that you might wanna add to the cart! Learn why people love them!

  1. Harry potter

J.K. Rowling’s writing is quite incredible and people are aware of that. She’s one of the amazing writers that are universally popular. The books she wrote gained the attention of people from all ages. This is one of the reasons her books haven’t faced any competition till date. Moreover, when something unique is created, it’s understood that it would not face any competition in the long run. Reading Harry Potter is like going on this thrilling adventure through the wizarding world! And the characters, they feel so real! They’re not just names on pages; they’re relatable, like friends you get to know and grow with. Get the decorsome X Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Rectangular Canvas from Zavvi today!

  1. Stranger things

Stranger Things is such a cool show, and one of the things that make it so special is its setting in the 1980s. They absolutely nailed the nostalgic vibe of that era! It’s like taking a trip down memory lane with all those classic movies, awesome music, rad fashion, and just the whole pop culture scene from back then. Somehow, stranger things remind people of vintage times and they are absolutely loving the vibe it gives off to its viewers. The show’s got this irresistible charm that draws in both older folks who get to relive their memories and younger people who get curious about that awesome time. It’s like time-travelling with a TV series! Check out the decorsome X stranger things poster rectangular canvas from Zavvi. 

  1. DC wonder woman 

You know what’s amazing about Wonder Woman? Everyone knows that Wonder Woman is not just a superhero but instead she’s a symbol of strength and empowerment. She stands for much more than just being a superhero. No one does justice like her, which is why she is admired by all. Also, she is a role model for many women. Her ideas and philosophy are irresistible. Her journey started in comic books way back in 1941! It’s unbelievable that since then, she’s become this iconic and timeless figure that everyone admires. She’s loved by people from everywhere across the globe. If you are a fan too, then you should get the DC Wonder Woman’s Giclee art print from Zavvi today!

  1. Batman –  The Dark Knight

There’s nothing which can beat the authenticity of Batman. He’s not your typical superhero with crazy superpowers. Nope, not at all! Instead, he’s this regular human guy, just like you and me. But here’s the thing – he’s taken his smarts, some intense physical training, and this whole arsenal of advanced gadgets to fight crime and save the day. How amazing can that be? This is exactly what makes him relatable and down-to-earth. Watching him face challenges and struggles, just like one does in their own lives, makes it quite relatable for the audience. Check out the Decorsome X Batman the dark knight poster rectangular canvas from Zavvi.

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