Decathlon: Get Your Outdoor Gear Checklist Together

There are so many things to consider when you go on an outdoor adventure. You need to prepare for the conditions that will arise, be prepared for emergencies, and make sure you have all the necessary equipment with you. The one-stop solution to all of your hiking needs is at the Decathlon store. The Decathlon store has everything any outdoor enthusiast would need including tents for all seasons as well as climbing gear!

This blog post is going to give you a checklist of essential gear from Decathlon that you should bring along on any outdoor excursion!

  1. BACKPACK- The first thing on the list of essentials is a backpack. You can’t go anywhere without one, and you want to make sure it’s sturdy and comfortable enough for long hikes. Some people prefer backpacks over fanny packs or purses because they offer more space or pockets for storing items! Ensure that your pack has at least 40L of space for any necessities you need to bring along.
  • The decathlon backpacks are an ideal choice for hikers who need to carry a lot of equipment. Each backpack is designed to carry between 30 and 40 pounds of equipment, depending on the model selected. These packs allow you to go for extended periods without having to stop at camp or home during the day.
  • These decathlon backpacks are built with padding and support around the shoulders and hips that are very similar to the kind of padding used in a bicycle seat. This makes it easier for you to carry your heaviest equipment, whether it’s camping supplies or hunting equipment, without feeling any chafing on sensitive areas of your body.
  1. HIKING BOOTS/SHOES- These are a must, especially if you’re hiking in colder weather! You want your feet to be sure and dry the entire time– blisters can lead to easy infections or rashes when walking around outdoors. Hiking boots also provide more ankle support than regular sneakers, and they’re a great choice for long steep trails! The best hiking shoes are lightweight, waterproof, sturdy, have great grip, and are slightly flexible. Decathlon Hiking Shoes have all of these qualities.
  1. HIKING SUNGLASSES- You don’t want to be squinting the whole time you’re hiking– especially if it’s sunny out or snowing. Sunglasses are important because they protect your eyes from harsh sunlight as well as rocks and dust on the trail. They also give you a style boost if that’s what you’re looking for!

When choosing a pair of decathlon hiking sunglasses, there are three things you should look for: comfort, fit, and UV Protection. That way, you’ll be able to choose a pair of sunglasses that fits the environment you’re going to spend your time in.

When you go on a hike, decathlon hiking sunglasses should fit well enough so they don’t come loose, but not too tight either; there’s no reason to make them feel like they are cutting off your circulation. You’ll need a good grip on your pole, walking stick, or hiking boots, so you will want to avoid the sunglasses slipping down your nose with every step.

Decathlon 1
  1. SUNSCREEN- There is nothing worse than getting sunburned on the first few hours of your hike. The best thing to do would be to layer up before and bring sunscreen along with you in case it starts running down your face or something like that.
  • Decathlon hiking sunscreen is a good choice for anyone who wants a light, less greasy sun cream. Decathlon offers many types of decathlon hiking sunscreen based on the different skin types and uses. The main thing about decathlon hiking sunscreen is that it does not give you a headache after applying it, as greasiness can be easily felt.
  • Decathlon hiking sunscreen is a good choice for anyone who wants a light, less greasy sun cream. Most importantly, decathlon hiking sunscreen will not give you a headache after applying it as there won’t be any of the tightness from being too greasy.
  • Decathlon has many types of decathlon hiking sunscreen based on the different skin types and uses. The main thing about decathlon hiking sunscreen is that it does not give you a headache after applying it, as greasiness can be easily felt.
  1. HIKING STAFF- If you’re hiking through more difficult trails, it may be best to bring a walking stick with you! It can help with balance and stability if the trail is particularly precarious or rocky, but they also give people a sense of security when going on adventures alone. Plus, having a staff gives your hands something to do instead of holding onto your backpack the whole time!

The right hiking stick can make or break your hike, and decathlon offers various kinds. Log on to their website to know more about them.

  1. EMERGENCY FIRST AID KIT- No matter what type of hiking you’re doing, it’s always good to have an emergency kit on hand. Maybe things like bug spray or bandaids (if you can’t reach into your backpack) are necessary depending on where you’re going and when. If you’re bringing your phone with you, it’s also good to pack some extra batteries or an external charger so that if anything happens to your main power supply, you’ll still be able to call for help.
  • Decathlon emergency first aid kit is one of the cheapest on the market and contains an awesome set of contents that you would expect from a more expensive kit. It has everything needed for both injuries that don’t require trips to the hospital and those that might.
  • Decathlon emergency first aid kit contains 1x CPR face shield, 4x disposable gloves, 2x antiseptic wipes, 1x triangular bandage, 1x roller gauze, 5x safety pins, and 2x sterile non-adherent dressings. All this at only £7.99!
  • Starting from the top, the CPR face shield is a must for any first aid kit. It’s used to protect you from being accidentally splashed with blood or saliva while providing ventilation so that the patient can breathe more easily. You have everything here needed to stay safe during an emergency situation.
  1. OTHER ESSENTIALS- A camera is usually a popular choice because everyone loves bragging about their adventures on social media! You’ll also want to pack at least one extra pair of clothes, an emergency blanket or sleeping bag if it becomes cold out unexpectedly, and some snacks in case you get hungry.

These are just a few things that make up the essentials from Decathalon when going on any type of outdoor adventure! Remember to always pay attention to your surroundings too and so Decathlon exists to help you take precautions and make sure you are danger-free.

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