Smart Home Bundles

Customized Your Smart Home Bundles With Cox Communication!

Smart home bundles from Cox Communication offer a wide range of features that will enhance security, convenience, efficiency, and entertainment in your house. They also include a combination of smart technologies and devices, which often can be controlled by the remote through voice commands and smartphone apps. The smart home is cost-effective compared to the other purchasing individual devices, which also offer you discounted prices. So, you can equip your home with multiple smart features and it is energy-efficiency devices like smart lighting and smart thermostats, which can help in managing your energy consumption, which leads to the reduction of utility bills and also focuses on security such as motion sensors, doorbell cameras and so on. 

With the help of Cox Communication, you can build your own connected home, which has many ways and even you can create your own package from the ground up and customize every service and detail according to your choice and preferences. Creating your own home refers to the smart home, which has many benefits, such as the entertainer, which enhances your experience with audio systems, home theater, and much more, which contributes to a sustainable lifestyle. You can personalize your living spaces and other corners of the house according to your preferences, so you can set up with different music, and occasions, adjusting lighting and other things to create the good ambiance of your home.

Some of the ways to connect your home your way

Connecting your home in your way means creating or personalizing your living spaces as per your choices, lifestyle, and needs in terms of social interactions, decor, technology, and organization, which respond to your presence in your daily routines, which includes.

-The panoramic wifi, which optimizes the home wifi experience and it provides you with all the benefits and features, whereas the Cox Communication technicians walk to your home and use the wifi analyzer tool to identify dead zones. It is an easy to use tool to manage and it is easy to connect to 5G or with standard broadband. You can even download the Cox panoramic app on your smartphone for free and it lets you do the basics things like check out your internet activity and usage, view billing, or contact support. Hence, it has the top features of the panoramic wifi mobile app which include parental control, that means the internet is a wide-open source that is overloaded with the many information and you can limit your kids, which will also access the network from your phone to see your kids when they are online or offline. The other features enhanced security, which monitors your network in the past 24 hours, by viewing the devices and profiles.

-Homelife from Cox Communication with the smart features refers to the automated and controlled technology of your home which includes smart lighting, where you can give voice commands or remotely adjust the colors, and brightness to create different atmospheres and it saves energy too. Using the Homelife mobile app to view the activity, where you can search by device and tap the search bar, whereas you can enter the device name in the search bar field to filter the activities by alerts. Monitoring your Cox Communication homelife system with the mobile app will allow you to monitor the homelife system with the HD cameras and notifications center. You can manage rules in the mobile app, which are of two types: homelife automation like scenes, and rules, which are based on the event triggers such as system status.

-The contour stream player, where you can stream your favorite shows and movies from Prime Video, Netflix, Youtube, and more, or you can easily upgrade to the contour TV to watch live shows and sports by the voice remote, which can connect with the wifi. It is easy access to streaming, which is convenient to watch content from various streaming platforms on your TV with all your favorite shows and movies in one place. From Cox Communication, the contour stream player supports high-quality HD-Content, content that is easy to set up and you can prompt to the link of your streaming accounts.

-Homelife Automation and Security refers to the systems and technologies that are designed for your safety, which include motion sensors. It helps to detect the movements in specific areas of your house and they provide you the notifications and trigger alarms. Video surveillance is where the cameras are placed both outdoors and indoors, that provide you with real-time videos, which can be monitored remotely. The smart locks allow you to unlock and lock your doors remotely by using the keypad, smartphone, or biometrics like facial recognition and fingerprint.

For more information from Cox Communication, the Cox Internet vs 5G home Internet may sound appealing, and the Cox fiber-based network delivers a faster and more reliable download speed than the 5G home Internet providers.

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