Budapest’s Enchanting Beauty: Top Destinations For Every Traveler

There are so many things that Budapest is known for. First and foremost, it is the capital city of Hungary which is popular among the locals and tourists for its elegant and eye-catchy architecture. Along with that, Budapest has also got a diverse culture. Now, if you are a tourist, then surely you want to explore the diverse cultures which makes this city so popular across the world. For many tourists, visiting Budapest is something which has been on their list for a long time now. If you are one of them and it’s finally time to visit Budapest, then you should shortlist some of the places before you catch your flight.

Prioritise Your Interests

You need to first understand what interests you the most? Since, within this city you can find the best landmarks, fantastic local cuisines, thermal baths, and much more. Really, people love visiting Budapest. This is one of the main reasons why people list this place in their bucket list. If you are going to Budapest, then you should check out the flight tickets with Also, check out great hotels with them as per your preference.

Best Places To Check Out In Budapest

If you are going to Budapest, then surely you’ll have to make certain decisions wherein you need to prioritise some places over the others. It’s true that every place has its own essence, but as a tourist there should be some areas which shall be left unexplored for you to come back again. So, here are some of the best places which you as a tourist should definitely check out.

1. Buda Castle

This place is officially known as a part of castle district and it is also known as a mediaeval royal residence. For several years till now, this place has served as an important cultural and scientific hub for the tourists and native too. Buda Castle is known to house the Hungarian National Gallery too. But that’s not all, this stunning place is also known to house the budapest museum and the national Széchényi Library too.

This site has been also considered as a UNESCO world heritage site and it is located on Castle hill. The views from this site are something else. The city from this site looks quite stunning so make sure to click stunning pictures. Also, since this site houses the budapest history museum and hungarian national gallery, you’ll get to see the rich history and art.

2. Fisherman’s Bastion

Most of the tourists who love to travel are enormous fans of soaking in the views of a place. They’ll genuinely travel for miles only to see a stunning view in the end. If you are one of them, then surely the place Fisherman’s Bastion is worth your time. This place is also located on Castle Hill. So, if you are going to Buda Castle, then this place can be your next. The terrace of this place is known to offer a picturesque view which you won’t forget for ages.

The view from this site is mainly of the Danube River and the city. An interesting fact about this place is that it was built in the 19th century and that it is known to feature seven turrets. These turrets represent the seven Hungarian tribes which are popularly known as the founders of the country. This place is also one of the most famous attractions of budapest.

3. St. Stephen’s Basilica

If you are going to a famous destination then make sure to explore the churches which are famous there. This is because most of the rich history of a place is rooted in places where people spent time worshipping the almighty. The same can be said for this neoclassical church located in Hungary, the St. Stephen’s Basilica. This church is especially dedicated to the king of Hungary, St. Stephen. One of the best things about this church is that it is home to choral music, classical music, and contemporary music too. But that’s not all.

If you are someone who fancies good views, then surely this place is worth your visit. The view from the church’s dome is stunning. Also, if you are lucky enough at the time you are travelling, you might get to see a concert which is hosted in this place.

4. Margaret Island

Who isn’t craving nature’s essence these days? With our cities getting more and more polluted, an escape to a stunning place like Margaret Island is much needed. If you are someone who is in need of nature’s vibe, then you should definitely visit this Island. This island can be found in the middle of the Danube River. Also it is a great place to escape the city and enjoy nature. The main features of this island are its several parks, gardens, and a thermal bath. Click tons of pictures and spend time in nature for a while.

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