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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shopping Online – The digital world of present time created valuable space for lifestyle things and thus online shopping emerged as a revolution. Who will prefer to hunt a brick and mortar store when you can have those with the help of some random clicks. Online shopping is fast and trending for every age group but one must be aware of the disadvantages too. This article will provide you an insight of the merits and demerits of electronic or online shopping.


  • Broad range of products

One of the biggest support factor for online business. The local retailers are bound with the factors like market demand, space constraints, shelf life of a product and so on and thus physical stores suffers on variety front because of overhead costs. You can choose among thousands of products online according to your need and latest trend.

  • Convenience

Everyone of us want to make our life easy and specially when you are short of time. Online shopping is available 24*7 and saves your effort to search a geographical location for desired product. One can have access to multiple stores with their mobile, tablets or pc with an internet connection irrespective of  location or time.

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  • Better price and discounts

The competition of recent market pushed Online shopping websites to come up with attractive discounts more often for their customers. You might have heard of big billion day sale of e commerce websites which offers some insane deal and sometimes they provide discount coupons for different purchases. Additionally customers enjoy the liberty of price comparison on different websites and can have the best in their budget. Online shopping have the direct access to the manufacturers to deliver the product without involving those middle man which lowers down the product cost.

  • Easy Returns

The online retailing is constantly rising and so the competition. The E commerce websites raising their bars to impress their customers and easy return policies are vital to attract business. Here Customers have options to return any undesired or faulty item under some given circumstances or time. The best thing is to get it returned from your doorstep and all your money is reversed. The cash on demand (COD) option provided by such websites helps to address customer’s need in a more feasible manner.

  • Product Tracking

Online shopping is technology driven and this is the major benefit to have. Online customers can have track and shipping status of their product. You can plan your availability to receive the product accordingly to make your life easy in the fast run.

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  • Interactivity Issue

The physical stores provide price negotiations for buyers but online buyers are bound with the cost. You are likely to fall under the trap of buying similar looking products yet different in quality without a proper research. For clothing it happens most where you don’t have an option to touch and feel the fabric like physical stores. An experience of many to have improper size of clothes and poor quality of ordered product makes online shopping a risk.

  • Delayed delivery

It is fast to order a product online but to get is delivered in time is quite uncertain. This may take up to 2-3 weeks in general and can seriously affect your timings when you have time crunch or planned  to have the product as a surprise thing for any occasion. It’s bit frustrating for a buyer and meanwhile he prefers to go for a nearby store.

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  • Safety matters

Online business runs on the basic need of customer information and hence can be used as a potent tool for identity theft or cyber crimes. For big channels and websites it’s all sorted well but tempting discounts on fake websites can spoil your money and details with ease.

  • Additional shipping costs

Online products mostly include shipping charges with a product delivery. For nearby places the amount to be paid shouldn’t affect your pocket health largely but to deliver a product abroad sometimes makes shipping charges as high as the product cost itself.

  • Social segregation

The very aspect that backs hands on shopping is to have social interactions and meetings with new or existing ones and to explore that element of fun. To get fully engaged with e marketing websites for every now and then is somehow responsible for creating a society of detached souls.

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